Workouts for the Fitness Swimmer


Beginner to Advanced Workouts

This site has a plethora of workouts designed for everyone from the Beginner to the Advanced Swimmer.  Anywhere form 600 yards to 3400 yards. Work your way up at your own pace.

Structuring your workouts

A workout should have a purpose and methods to achieve that purpose.

Here is an example of how to layout your workout to give you a more complete session in the pool. 


Here is a little article on Freestyle Breathing.

Just the basics that everyone should work on.

Kicking Drills and know-how

One- Freestyle. HERE

Two- Backstroke. HERE

Turns - Open and Flip

Open Turn Here

Flip Turn Here

Flip Turn 2 Here

Drills Drills Drills

Don't say "I don't know any drills". 

Here you go, dig in.