1. In the past swimmers have asked about buying suits and equipment. No special suit or pieces of equipment are required, but there are some suit styles and fabrics that are better for racing. There are swim catalogs in the File Box at the Mountain View Fitness Center.

Suits. If you are planning to buy a suit for competition, consider: a) the fit (as tight as you are comfortable with) and b) the fabrics that are more “slippery” in the water. For ladies the higher neck suits are better because they do not scoop the water. For the men briefs or jammers are better than trunks. There are also some trucks that are made of lighter, more “slippery” fabric than standard trunks. The new “technical suits” for men and women are more expensive. New regulations will apply to “technical suits” starting in January, 2010.

2. For daytime workouts you may want to consider sun protective garments, e.g. a Body Skins (try Sports Authority) or full body sun protection suits available through the Kiefer catalog and some of the web sites below.

3. Goggles. Goggles are highly recommended, especially for workouts. Find a pair that is comfortable, seals well, is as small as possible for less resistance and is tinted, especially if you are a backstroker. If you have a narrow face and are having difficulty finding a good fit, try women’s and youth styles.

4. Fins and Pull Buoys. If you are going to buy fins, the shorter “Zoomers” or Speedo type fins are recommended because they work best with the narrower, more effective kick. Pull buoys are a matter of choice and are available at the pool.

5. Discounts for Us. Some stores agreed to give us 10% off of the cost of regularly priced suits and equipment. Say that you are a Sr. Olympics Swimmer from the SaddleBrooke Swim Club.
Patio Pools and Spas
6320 N. Oracle (at Orange Grove)
Phone: 797-2299

Patio Pools and Spas
2512 N Campbell (near Glenn)
Phone: 795-8240
(This store has more racing suits.)

6. Swim Product Web Sites. See “Swim Product Websites” in the sidebar of this Website.